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May 06, 2019
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Obstetric care offers important advantages for both you and your baby. Here at South Metro Obstetrics and Gynecology in Lone Tree and mom and babyEnglewood, CO, our physicians not only care for you during your pregnancy, but we also offer preconception counseling and follow-up visits after the birth of your child!


Before you're pregnant

Visiting your OB/GYN before you become pregnant is an excellent way to improve your chances for a healthy pregnancy. During your visit, your doctor will discuss:

  • Your health history, including chronic diseases and conditions, as well as any medications that you take.
  • Your immunization record (immunizations can be provided as needed).
  • Lifestyle changes that increase the risk of a healthy pregnancy, such as losing weight or quitting smoking.
  • The importance of a healthy diet and folic acid supplements to reduce the risk of birth defects.


While you're pregnant

During your pregnancy, your Lone Tree or Englewood OB/GYN will monitor your health and evaluate your baby's growth and development. To do this, they may suggest a variety of tests, including urine tests, blood tests, and ultrasound scans. Should any issues be identified, they will offer treatment recommendations or make referrals to other specialists.

You'll also discuss your birth plan, your medical past, and the importance of a healthy, supportive home environment during your pregnancy. These appointments offer the perfect opportunity to ask questions about the baby's development and to discuss any concerns that you may have about labor and delivery.


After you're pregnant

You'll visit your OB/GYN four to six weeks after the birth of your baby for a check-up. If you had any complications, your doctor may want to see you sooner. At this visit, you'll receive an examination to make sure that you're healing well. Your OB/GYN will also ask you if you're feeling depressed.

Although it's not unusual for new mothers to feel overwhelmed, strong feelings of sadness or anxiety can be signs of post-partum depression. Fortunately, help is available for the common disorder. If you're struggling with depression, therapy and anti-depressant medication may help you through this difficult period.


Give us a call!

Obstetric care is an essential aspect of a healthy pregnancy. If you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant soon, call your OB/GYNs at South Metro Obstetrics and Gynecology in Lone Tree and Englewood, CO, at (303) 788-7888 to schedule an appointment!

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