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November 08, 2017
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Annual wellness exams, or well-woman exams, are the foundation for health promotion, disease identification, and wellness throughout wellness axamyour life. It's no secret that early detection of diseases and healthy living increases not only adds years to your life but also improves quality of life. South Metro OB/GYN, which is located in Englewood and Lone Tree, CO, is an OB/GYN practice that offers a full range of women's health services. Here are five reasons why it's important for you to schedule your wellness exam.

What is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist?

Obstetricians care for women during their pregnancy and just after the baby is born. They also deliver babies. Gynecologists are doctors who specialize in women's reproductive health. An ob-gyn is trained to do all of these things. OB/GYNS will deal with some of the most important health issues in their patient's lives, such as pregnancy, childbirth, birth control, and menopause. An OB/GYN can also treat infections, screen for cancer, and perform surgery for urinary tract or pelvic organ problems.

What is an Annual Wellness Exam?

A wellness exam basically is performed in four parts: the medical history, physical examination including a pap smear, pelvic exam, breast exam, and an assessment for other health problems. Your doctor will also take your blood pressure, and weigh you. If you've ever had sex, your OB/GYN might want to check for sexually transmitted diseases. If you have vaginal itching, abnormal bleeding, foul odors, or pain, your doctor might want to run some tests.

Do I Need a Yearly Wellness Exam?

Do women really need to see their gynecologist each year for a wellness exam? Absolutely! The annual wellness examination by an OB/GYN is recommended at least once a year to women over 12 years old and/or women who are sexually active. If you’ve had sex, it’s important to get tested for STDs. And if you have vaginal itching, swelling, abnormal bleeding, or vaginal pain, then it's definitely time to book an appointment with your Englewood, CO OB/GYN.

So, what are you waiting for? Call South Metro OB/GYN in at 303-788-7888 right now to schedule your annual wellness exam in Englewood and Lone Tree, CO. It’s one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself because it can help detect health problems as well as prevent future problems from developing – building a foundation of health and wellness for all the stages of your life.

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September 11, 2017
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What your doctors in Englewood and Lone Tree want you to knowmona lisa touch

It’s difficult to get older, especially for women. Aging is relentless, causing changes in your skin, organs, bones, and muscles. One of the major changes that isn't talked about, is the change that happens in a woman’s vagina. The tissues in a woman’s vagina can become dry and lose elasticity just like the rest of her body.

Fortunately, there is a procedure that can help. It’s called Mona Lisa Touch. Your doctors at South Metro Obstetrics & Gynecology want to share the facts about this amazing treatment. They have offices in Englewood and Lone Tree, CO to serve you.

There are many disruptive changes a woman goes through in her lifetime, including changing hormones, childbirth and menopause. These are just a few of the issues you may notice as you age:

  • Loosening of vaginal tissue
  • Decreased pleasure during sex
  • Dryness of vaginal tissues
  • Pain during sex
  • Excess or sagging tissue
  • Lack of bladder control

Mona Lisa Touch uses a revolutionary laser system to restore vaginal tissue to a more youthful state. The energy from the laser works to stimulate collagen and elastin production which are key components of younger skin. The treatment also stimulates blood flow to help produce new, more youthful tissue.

You should consider Mona Lisa treatment because it is:

  • Performed right in the office
  • Painless and doesn’t require any anesthesia
  • Easy because there is no downtime and minimal side effects
  • Quick because each treatment is less than 5 minutes

Typically patients benefit most from having 3 procedures over an 18 week period. To view a video of patient testimonials for Mona Lisa Touch, please visit the webpage at

Thousands of women around the world have experienced the benefits of Mona Lisa Touch treatment. You can join them by calling the doctors at South Metro Obstetrics & Gynecology in Englewood and Lone Tree, CO. You deserve to enjoy life as you get older, and Mona Lisa Touch can help, so call today!

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June 23, 2017
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Are you wondering why you need to continue to get ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy?Ultrasound

Finding out you are pregnant is such an exciting time, and yet there is so much to think about. If you are a first-time parent, chances are pretty good that you will have a lot of questions along the way. How often do I have to visit one of our Englewood and Lone Tree, CO, OBGYNs? How often will I get an ultrasound? What is the purpose of an ultrasound and other testing that I will undergo? We are here to answer these questions for you.

While you will have to see your Englewood and Lone Tree obstetrician more regularly once you find out you’re pregnant, it’s good to know that diagnostic procedures like ultrasounds are simple and completely painless. Most people think of visiting the doctor and immediately think they will get poked and prodded with needles. Ultrasounds, on the other hand, are pain-free.

The first ultrasound we perform is a great way to gather information about your baby, as well as check its growth and progress throughout the course of your pregnancy. It can also be used to detect the presence of multiple babies as well as to confirm a due date. Along the way, ultrasounds can also be used to detect certain health problems or defects, as well as to determine your baby’s gender (which can be an exciting moment for parents!).

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes during your pregnancy, you may also have to undergo serial ultrasounds to make sure the baby isn't getting too big. Ultrasounds, no matter why you are getting one, are completely safe for both you and your baby. This procedure is the best way to examine your little one’s development to make sure they are reaching all milestones and remaining healthy in utero.

Routine ultrasounds are performed at 6, 8, 12 and 20 weeks. After 20 weeks ultrasounds are performed as needed, at the discretion of the doctor.

We know that you will continue to have questions and concerns along the way and it’s important that you have a medical professional that you can turn to and trust. Call South Metro Obstetrics & Gynecology in Englewood and Lone Tree, CO, today to schedule your first appointment. We aim to make your pregnancy as easy as possible on you!

By South Metro OB/GYN
April 06, 2017
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Obstetrics services include everything you need during your pregnancy. From the time you become pregnant to the birth of your precious obstetricianlittle one, obstetric services help ensure you and your baby remain healthy. The doctors at South Metro Obstetrics & Gynecology provide complete prenatal care throughout your entire pregnancy. Rely on their experienced staff for your obstetrics needs in Englewood and Lone Tree, CO.

Services Offered

Obstetrics services cover all of your prenatal care. This includes such things as periodic check-ups, diagnostic testing and ultrasounds. The checkups give the obstetrician an opportunity to monitor the pregnancy and make sure everything is progressing normally. Several things typically happen during these appointments. A urine sample will be collected to check for signs of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes or other serious conditions. Your weight will also be noted and your blood pressure will be taken. The baby’s heartbeat will be checked, as well.

Ultrasounds are typically performed twice during the pregnancy. The first is done between eight and ten weeks, and the second is done around 20 weeks. The first ultrasound is used to calculate an approximate due date, as well as confirm the number of babies in the womb. The second ultrasound allows the doctor to check how the baby is growing and developing. This is also a good time to find out the baby’s sex, if desired.

The prenatal appointments can also cover such things as diet and exercise. The doctors can discuss things like prenatal vitamins and what type of foods are best for you and your developing baby. They can also provide guidance about what type of exercises are safe to perform while pregnant. Additionally, a birth plan can be developed, as well. In Lone Tree or Englewood, your obstetrics needs can all be met at South Metro Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Prenatal care plays an important role in helping you maintain a healthy pregnancy. For obstetrics in Englewood or Lone Tree, CO, contact South Metro Obstetrics & Gynecology.

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February 09, 2017
Category: Pregnancy
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If you have been struggling to get pregnant, you are not alone. In the U.S., about 6.1 million women ages 15-44 have difficulty getting infertilitypregnant or staying pregnant. South Metro OB/GYN, which is located in Englewood, CO, offers infertility evaluations and treatments to their patients. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about infertility.

What is Infertility?
Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after 12 months of trying or six months if a woman is 35 or older. Women who can become pregnant but are unable to stay pregnant may also have an infertility problem. You should seek the help of an OB/GYN if conception has not occurred within 12 months.

What Causes Infertility in Men?
Most cases of male infertility are caused by poor sperm quality, low sperm counts, or both. Sperm abnormalities are a critical factor in male infertility. The remaining cases of infertility in men can be caused by a range of conditions including genetic defects, hormonal imbalances, and anatomical problems. 

What Causes Infertility in Women?
Most cases of female infertility are caused by problems with ovulation. Some signs that women are not ovulating normally include absent or irregular menstrual periods. Other causes of female infertility include uterine fibroids, physical problems with the uterus, and blocked fallopian tubes.

What is an Infertility Evaluation?
During an infertility evaluation, tests and examinations are done to try to find the cause of infertility. Men undergo a semen analysis that evaluates sperm movement and structure, and sperm count. For women, doctors check to see whether ovulation is occurring through ultrasound exams of the ovaries, ovulation home test kits, or blood tests that detect hormones.

How do Doctors Treat Infertility?
Infertility can be treated with surgery, artificial insemination, medicine, or assisted reproductive technology. In most cases, infertility problems are treated with medicine or surgery. A number of fertility medicines are used to treat women with ovulation problems. Antibiotics can be used to clear up infections affecting sperm count.

Now that you're thinking about starting a family, it’s really important to take steps to achieve your goal—getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. Call South Metro OB/GYN in Englewood, CO, at 303-788-7888 right now to schedule your consultation.

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